Summer on a Shoestring

The White House
August 8, 2018, 8:32 pm
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The White House has been our home for the past 10 weeks…we will be cleaning and packing up tomorrow. I would like to share some views of the space to the future resident researchers.


The sunflower chair is the most uncomfortable of the hodgepodge of seating. It forces you to have perfect posture to sit up against its tall, straight back. These trendy pillows were finds from the ‘good stuff store’ at the recycling center. And wildflowers picked from the overgrown yard sit in the window.


I was most excited about the open garden space and brought seeds to sow. I planted arugula, mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, beans, and peas.


My crops did only okay with a very small yield, but the best part of gardening was sharing the plot with other researchers living at the USFS housing. They were growing peppers, squash and heirloom tomatoes. There are three other housing buildings on this compound; the cottage, the lodge, and the bunkhouse.


I left the milkweed growing in the garden and sure enough by August monarch caterpillars started munching.


Just across the train tracks is the Saco River, a perfect place to end the field day.


Here is a quick sketch of the downstairs of The White House.

Living communally was my favorite part of this internship (besides the science). It was fun to share this space with the other MELNHE researchers this summer, as well as with all past and future Bartletteers. I feel so lucky to have lived here!

Marissa Gabriel


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