Summer on a Shoestring

My first adventure in the White Mountains!
July 22, 2018, 4:23 pm
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Hello Shoestring blog! My name is Donna Riner and I am an intern with MELNHE this summer. I am writing a write a blog post about one of the first hikes I did while staying in Bartlett with one of my field crew leaders, Alex Rice!

One of the awesome things about staying in the White House is that there is never a shortage of adventure. After a work day in the field, Alex Rice and I drove a few miles down the road and went to the Arethusa Falls trail head for a short hike.

WP 5

WP 4

Alex Rice (left) and me (right). 

The hike was short, but it was super steep at times! This was my first hike in the White Mountains and I think it was a great warm up hike for some of the steeper grade trails. I really enjoyed hiking with Alex because she instilled in me her field crew leader wisdom. She told me about her time researching in Alaska and her time as a graduate student as well as what she hopes her career in science will be. I found that time talking with her valuable because I hope to be like her someday. Us female scientists gotta stick together!

WP 10

Arethusa Falls 

We reached the falls and the view took my breath away. The water fell delicately over the rock — its been a dry summer — and made wispy trails all the way to a deep pool at the bottom. Alex found the basin irresistible and she quickly took off her hiking boots for a dip in the cool water.

We found a great place to sit, watch the falls and have a snack. I brought a navel orange (one of our favorite snacks) and we split it. After taking a necessary snack break, we climbed up another steep trail next to the falls. The trail was so steep at times that we had to get on all fours and crawl. We found it most effective to grab roots protruding from the Earth and pull ourselves up. When we finally reached the top, the views were stunning!

WP 9

View from on top of the falls!

We sat and talked on top of the falls for a great while before we noticed it getting late. We had to get back for dinner. Every night, the MELNHE field crew prepares and eats dinner together, we couldn’t miss that!

The hike up Arethusa falls was one of the first adventures I had in the White Mountains. Sitting at the top of the falls, I had no idea what amazing adventures were in store.



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