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Diary of an Introverted Scorpion
July 22, 2018, 3:38 pm
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Dear Diary,

Hi my name is Scorpy and I’m a scorpion.  I live in a pretty hectic place–there’s always science happening here.  And also lots of noisy fun.  Which is nice if that’s your thing, but honestly I just want to be left alone.  I keep hiding.  I crawl into dark places, I hide really well, and then someone comes along and finds me, pulls me out, and says “I’ve been Scorpy’d!” and then I have to hide all over again.  It’s really fun for them I guess, but for me it’s just a lot of work you know?


Dear Diary,

Today I hid in the refrigerator.  It was so cold, but also quiet and dark, which was nice.  I was nestled on top of the eggs, about to fall asleep, when out of no where, someone opens the door.  It seems like Alex was planning on making a delicious frittata for everyone, so I was rudely awaken.  I crawled into the bread drawer.  Hopefully I will be safe here.


Dear Diary,

It seems that the kitchen is not a safe space for me.  I was found in the bread drawer almost immediately.  Then in the microwave.  Then in the vegetable drawer.  I tried hiding in the jar by Marissa’s bed.  And then in Alex’s drawer.  Found.  And disturbed each time.  Is there no hope for peace and quiet in this house?  I’ll try hiding in the shower.


Dear Diary,

The shower was a bad idea.  I think I gave Donna quite a scare but then she laughed, so I guess it’s all in good fun.


Dear Diary,

I went on a scary field trip today.  I hid in Kate’s bag, thinking it was the kind of bag that is only used for school, you know?  But no, she brought it into the field with her.  To do germinant surveys.  I don’t care about germinants.  Or science.  Or the outdoors.  I just want to be left alone.


Dear Diary,

I’ve hidden in Donna’s ukulele case.  It was kind of a tight fit, but I thought surely no one will find me here? But of course fate was against me yet again.  I’ve began to wonder: am I cursed?  The crew had a campfire tonight and of course Donna wanted to play some music for everyone.  I hate music.  And also fun.  Why is this happening to me?


Dear Diary,

Wow it’s been the best week.  I’ve been inside one of the field clipboards and the crew has been working on presentations for the Hubbard Brook Conference.  Maybe no one will find me now! The thought brings me so much peace.


Dear Diary,

Chase saw me through the clipboard.  It’s not as opaque as I thought.  It’s a dark day for me.  This may be my last entry.


Dear Diary,

I’m all cozy now, hiding (Sh! I can’t tell you where!).  I just went on the wildest field trip.  All I wanted was to hide (as usual) so I crawled into Donna’s tent bag, thinking it was the perfect place to hide.  Next thing I know, I’m out in the lawn at Hubbard Brook and Donna’s waving me around yelling “I’ve been Scorpy’d!” and laughing.  Is this fun for you Donna?  How would you like it if someone waved you around like that?

Apparently the crew was digging soil pits all week so I was out in the open and far from home.  I spent most of the week hiding under Donna’s pillow, and then I made a break for it, crawling into Alex Rice’s sweatshirt.  She pulled me out and said “who did this??” What did she mean by that? I did this? I just want to be left alone.  How is that not clear by now?


Dear Diary,

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me now: I am cursed.  Doomed to be involved in the fun of the White House in Bartlett.  Is it not possible to have some peace and quiet here?  Why must they make everything exciting and fun?  I don’t like excitement or fun.

-Written by Kate Bazany


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Dear Diary,

I had thought this “game” was over. I was utterly wrong.. When I crawled into Chase’s jacket pocket at the end of the field season I thought I had finally found peace.. These people never stop! When Chase realized that I had come home with her to Pennsylvania she put me in a box and sent me to Ari. Being with Ari was great! She left me alone.

I was cozy at Ari’s but when Alex Young came to visit I remembered that he had this really dark backpack so I climbed into there. “This was it!” I thought as I was certain I would spend the rest of my life content here. I was wrong again…

Alex found me..but then placed me in his duffle bag which was even better than his back pack! Why hadn’t I found this place before!?

My place in the duffle bag didn’t last long. Alex moved me back into his backpack (which isn’t so bad) and took me to his research lab. When he was out of the room I ran into Alex Rice’s backpack since it was open. I did not want to risk Alex Young moving me again!

Of course she found me..I need to stop hiding in backpacks. They are used to much so I am never in them long. When Alex R found me she put me in a different pocket and left me alone all day. I like her. When we got back to her apartment I didn’t want to risk another day in a backpack so I quickly escaped.

Alex R came close to finding me this morning! I am hiding in this box on her desk and she picked it up this morning! She didn’t open it though. There is now tape on the top and a label with the words “Philadelphia, Pa” on it. I wonder what this mean. Oh well, atleast I can rest now.

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