Summer on a Shoestring

The Wrap Up
August 15, 2017, 6:55 pm
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AllAs the summer comes to an end it is time for the paper (birch) awards! This year we had the interns present the crew leaders with their awards and the grad students presented the interns with theirs. It was a ceremony filled with positive energy and emotions. It brought us all together one last time before we went our separate ways. Here are the awards that were presented:


Alex Y

No Closed Doors Award

This is Alex Young! He is very friendly and social!SO social in fact that he likes to keep all the doors (and cupboards!) open to ensure all are welcome and do not feel left out…or he is just forgetful. We may never know the true reasoning behind it but nonetheless this quality made him the candidate for the No Closed Doors award.



#1 Daddy and Sleeping Beauty Award

This is Dan Hong! As you can see he was presented with two awards. This is because he was THE crew leader and always made sure all tasks were completed. Some would even say he took a father-like role this summer. This is why he is the #1 daddy. However, if you ever needed Dan your best bet was to check the couches. The hardest part of that was which couch would Dan be found on! Dan’s needy sleep schedule granted him the Sleeping Beauty Award!



Smokey’s Greatest Nemesis Award

This is Gretchen Lasser! She likes fireworks…and when I say “like” I actually mean LOVES! However, when you are a forest ecologist, fire is not good. This did not deter Gretchen though! She found a nice spot by the river, outside of the National Forest to display her passion in the sky. Her fondness for these sparkly, shiny, fiery sticks makes Gretchen Smokey’s Greatest Nemesis.


Alex R

The Longest Fuse Award

Now don’t get this award confused with Gretchen’s because they both have to do with fire! This is Alex Rice. She took on the daunting task of studying sap flow this summer. With all the construction and wiring of parts, something was bound to go wrong. And they did…over …and over…and over again. However, this did not dampen Alex’s persistence to get useable data this summer. For this persistence, she was presented the Longest Fuse Award.




Titration King

This is Paul Ojo! He was a very determined member of our crew. Paul worked night and day on his titrations all summer long. Paul never let a mistake, or unexplainable hiccup get in his way of finishing his titration. His persistence, determination and positive outlook granted him the Titration King Award.



The Interns

ClaudiaThe Master Gatherer

This is Claudia Victoroff! Her summer research involved collecting mushrooms that popped up in our plots and identifying them. This was not the only reason why she was granted this award however. Claudia is a very outgoing person and brought the crew together.  Some would say she’s a real fun-gal She even gathered up members of the other research institutions present in the area. For this Claudia was awarded the Master Gatherer award.




The Bushwacker Award

This is Grace Haynes! Being super self driven on the GIS stem mapping project and taking on such a difficult task and finding her way through the rough granted Grace this award. She is the most likely to find her way home and proved clarity during times of confusion and haze which is what a bushwacker does when they clear the path for others.



Terra Firma Award

This is Griffin Walsh! He was an asset to this year’s crew because of how stable he was. His dependability, determination, and knowledge granted him the Terra Firma Award. Terra=ground and Firma= firm which is why this award was right for Griffin. Like the ground, he has layers, however, many only see the surface but those that take the time to look appreciate all the talents (layers) that Griffin possesses.



The Kestrel Award

This is Maddy Morely! She is fierce, stealthy, small, and mighty…just like a Kestrel! She is very reliable when it comes to work and friendship! She has an internal compass of a goddess that allows her to navigate the field, and life with ease. She occasionally eats small mammals.. For these qualities and for her love of birds, Maddy was presented the Kestrel Award.




The Cheese Baller

This is Milda Kristupaitis! She was the uplifting spirit of the crew. Wherever she was people were laughing, not at her but with her. She brought people together with her humor and lightened stressful situations. She coined catch phrases like deer tears, who pecked that, and cheese(balls) and wine. For her love of cheeseballs and her outgoing personality she was presented the Cheese Baller Award.


The Angel Award

This is Trey Turnblacer! He is most likely to be confused with and to outwork an lumberjack in the woods due to his steady determination to help others with field work. However, not a day in the field went by that Trey did not wipe out on a log or just over air it seemed. Some would say that he fell from heaven because he keeps falling here on earth and for that he was granted the Angel Award.

There were several crew members that left early, Shiyi Li, Shan Shan, Catilyn Buccheim, and Syd Wesney so we were unable to present them with awards, however each of them brought a new perspective and atmosphere to the group that was greatly missed.

-Alex R



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