Summer on a Shoestring

Learning to Climb in the White Mts.
June 27, 2017, 10:16 pm
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Hello All! Claud here!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the summer! I think that it’s safe to say that our crew has fallen in love with the White Mountains. The members of our group who were here last summer have been wonderful about recommending great restaurants, swimming spots, and hikes.

A wonderful thing about living and collaborating with so many other people is the unique perspective that each person brings to the group. As a new graduate student this has helped me to feel more prepared for the upcoming year. Whether I’m learning how to rate Beech Bark Disease from Trey, or how to find the best hikes from Adam (who’s definition of an easy hike is very different than mine…), I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from my fellow Shoestringers!

This past weekend has been a wonderful example of this experience. On Sunday, Alex Young took myself, my friend Emily (who visited us for the weekend), Milda, Trey, and our Forest Service friend Dylan out to Fryeburg, Maine to learn a bit about rock climbing. The spot was called Jockey’s Cap because of some reason that I either forget or never found out. We spent a good portion of our time bouldering, which I loved enough to ignore the massive blisters forming on my fingers.

climbing ripsfoost

We focused on three different boulders, the names of which I also don’t remember. After I became more comfortable with the idea of high rope climbing, Alex, Dylan, and I decided to try climbing the ledge. Alex led the climb, which I now know means going up first to set up cams (which keep us from falling very very far.) Alex and Dylan both knew what they were doing so I was free to sit back and wait for my time to shine.

alex y up

Unfortunately, just as I was about to have my turn it started to pour. Guess that’s weather in the mountains! We packed up and headed back into town to meet the rest of our group for some much needed pizza. Once we got there I won a free piece of not super fresh pizza because I got a special black gumball from the gumball machine!! Though the employees didn’t seem very pleased to fork over a free slice, my excitement was enough for all of us!

After I finished my subpar but deliciously free pizza we headed back home for a much more satisfying dinner cooked by Shiyi.

Although I didn’t get my chance to high rope climb, I’m completely satisfied with my Jockey’s Cap experience. These next 5 weeks are sure to be just as exciting and enriching as the last!

That’s all for now! Claud out 🙂


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