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Travel Guide Trillda: Crawford Notch Trail (more fun if said with an English accent)
June 10, 2017, 5:09 pm
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Hello Hello Hello! This summer, I will be your travel guide of not only the White Mountain region, but hopefully a little bit of Maine and Vermont as well! As I love to explore and find new hot spots to hangout in, I will keep all of you updated on the hottest nature venues of the New England region (mostly just the White Mountain area tbh.)

Well since we have been so busy fertilizing and writing proposals and such, I hadn’t had much time to get out and hike around here. However, we luckily ended up getting the day off this past Thursday, which happened to be the most beautiful day recorded in New Hampshire’s history. So Grace, Trey, and I decided to Carpe Diem AF and go on our first hike in the White Mountain National Forest. Using the iPhone or Android app, All Trails (TM), we found a particular trail called Crawford Notch, only a 4.3 mile hike and located only 15 minutes from our house!!!!!!!!! Immediately at the trail head, you are tucked between rolling, green mountains and are surrounded by lush, verdant trees if various species; I am alive. We begin our ascent up Mount Crawford where we tread parallel to a meandering creek and we enter the Presidential Range – Dry River Wilderness Area. The first 15 minutes of the hike seem harmless, a hill grade of maybe 1% at which time we are more consumed by the diversity and beauty of flora surrounding us. However, about half a mile in, we are exposed to our stairway into heaven. We begin trudging upward passing by massive rocks embedded in the trail and moss-covered rocks adjacent to the trail. We all have unwavering confidence at the beginning of this ascent (at least I did), but that was soon shattered by our fatigue, sweat, puffing lungs, and tears (disclaimer: no actual tears were shed during this endeavor.) Because of this, stops were frequent and water-chugs were not uncommon as we continued hiking under the thick canopy of forest. However, after about an hour of body torture, we are exposed to the light. We finally reached (what we thought was the summit) of Mount Crawford where we were surrounded by an expansive panorama of mountains blanketed in green. The landscape seemed textured as cloud shadows blockaded the sun. The cumulus clouds peppered in the sky made the view appear almost animated and artificial, but oh baby was it real. We sat there in awe of the view with the sun beating down on us for quite some time until we realized that we had not truly reached the summit of the mountain. We decide to continue onward and find the final view of this hike. Walking up, we were surrounded by a bit more plant cover, until we hit another incredible view which marked the end of the hike. This view was more exposed and provided us sight to the Presidential Peaks far into the horizon. Let me tell you, this vista put us all in a trance. We sat there for 20 minutes in silence just looking out and crying. However, after getting eaten alive by black flies, we decided it was time for us to descend the stairway to heaven. Coming down was a breeze and took us literally half the time it took us to hike up. At the bottom of the trail, we were greeted by a snake which was neat. Moral of this story is, if you’re up for a challenge and the view of your lifetime, this hike is a 10/10 would recommend. The End!


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