Summer on a Shoestring

Shoestring Summer 2017 officially begins…
June 6, 2017, 1:17 am
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Greetings to respected subscribers from Bartlett, 


Shoestring Summer 2017 has officially kicked off as of last Thursday (6/1)! Grad students, interns, PIs and friends of the project drove and flew in from various places like Syracuse, Ithaca, Little Falls, and Red Hook (NY), Oxford and Cleveland (OH), Baltimore (MD), Pittsburgh (PA), Sacramento (CA) and Minneapolis (MN) between Monday and Thursday.

Normally the crew eases into the field season by weighing fertilizers and doing site maintenance. However, due to a severe weather forecast for the following week, we decided to start fertilizing right away on Thursday and continue throughout the weekend in order to finish fertilizing before it started raining. While four people stayed back in the lab to weigh fertilizers, the rest of the crew set out to do something that was never done before.


Trey walking to a stand

We finished fertilizing in four days! That’s right, let me say that again. We finished fertilizing in FOUR DAYS! According to Melany, this was a record timing! That is three to four stands a day and it’s all thanks to our awesome and hardworking crew who had agreed to work on even Saturday and Sunday. On our last day of fertilization, we stopped at the Woodstock Inn on our way from Jeffers Brook and Hubbard Brook to Bartlett to grab a bite and celebrate our accomplishment! The celebration didn’t stop after dinner and resumed once we got back to the White House. We sat around in a circle and sang along to Griffin and Alex Y. playing the guitar.

Shoestring2017 1st blog pic

Crew celebrating the completion of fertilization

I have a good feeling about this year’s crew. Everyone is motivated, hardworking, and friendly. Look for more to come soon!


Dan out.


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