Summer on a Shoestring

Life in a Little Red House
August 1, 2016, 9:03 pm
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What is life like in a small red house? Well first off there are snow shoes and sleds on the wall so that’s pretty neat. There’s two comfy couches and a pretty sweet back porch (our favorite place to eat dinner). There’s also a LOT of wood paneling, the most that I’ve seen since pictures of my parents in the 70’s. There’s a pretty spacious kitchen with a GAS STOVE!! I NEVER EXPECTED IT’D HAVE A GAS STOVE!!!

Besides the neat décor there’s a whole bunch of interesting people who are/have been living in this house for the past 8 weeks. It’s been an interesting group of rotating researchers and students. Each with their own quirks and quarks. Throughout the summer we’ve had a huge rotating schedule of things to be done in the field. Every week is different from the previous week and we always know that the next will also be different.

Food. Food is major portion of our life in this little red house. Not only does it give us physical sustenance and energy to continue carrying on with the great scientific endeavor on which we have embarked. It is the time for us to get together and recharge our mental batteries as well. We have spent many hours eating and talking on the back deck about topics far and wide.

Living in the Red house is pretty sweet. Previously I’d only been up here in the winter to go skiing, but this past summer has opened my eyes to the beauty and variety which are available in the White Mountains.


Does this even need a caption?



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