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High with Fists in the Air
August 1, 2016, 5:11 pm
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I had no flipping clue how long and intense the Mount Adams trail was going to be when i decided to go along. 

Name’s Sosa, and I have short flipping legs. This made the climb a lot more challenging and the hike felt like forever. Though ironically, time was not on my mind as my goal was to survive, literally. Why literally? The story is that at the beginning of our hike the trail got so intense that my breathing problems got in the way. Luckily someone had an inhaler. Thanks Caitlin. 

But, the trail was beautiful and the stream/water breaks were so satisfying. We had Craig’s pup, Meatloaf, come along and he was the cutest as he jumped in the streams. It was a good laugh when he would start attacking the small falling streams. He gave me life. We miss him ♥

Anyway, after 5 hours or so, the group made it to the tippity top (~5,800 ft), past the trees and into an area of rocks on top of rocks. We got there in one piece with no quitters. ‘Cause momma ain’t raise no quitters. 

Wet shoes and socks, leg cramp, butt cramp, two asthma attacks, sore paws, headaches.

All worth it. 

PC: Shiyi Li, Ben Lee 

(P.S. Everyone was so sore the next day and still went out for field work)


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