Summer on a Shoestring

Keepin Hubbard Brook Weir’d! By Jessica Swindon
August 3, 2015, 3:52 am
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It all started on an early Tuesday morning in July when I woke up with racing thoughts about the upcoming week, How will Ruth like my presentation? What kind of talks am I going to hear at Hubbard Brook? Who will I meet there? The 2015 shoestring crew loaded up and headed out to meet Ruth at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest to practice the presentations we would be giving the very next day. The long but productive practice session ended with plenty of yummy pizza, thanks to Ruth, and setting up our tents at the Hubbard Brook intern’s house. The next day was the start of the 60th anniversary of the Hubbard Brook Foundation and we were all excited to be a part of it!

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The very next day we would all be presenting our projects to 180 people ranging from interns just like us to phD professors to the creators of the Hubbard Brook conference. The morning came quick and the shoestring crew was on their toes because they always kick off the conference bright and early at 8 am. Once we arrived at the conference the adrenaline started up and the fact that we were going to have to present to a packed room of scientists really started to set in. We all presented one after another and survived without too much scrutiny from our peers. After the talks were over there were a lot of deep breaths and smiles on everyone’s faces. We did it! Now it was time to sit back and listen to an array of projects that were also being conducted at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. The presentations were of a range of topics including ice storm experiments, swimming salamanders, calcium manipulations and many more! After a long day of listening to amazing scientific studies being conducted in the nearby forests it was finally time for a quick swim in mirror lake before heading to dinner and the famous barn dance. After a quick but delicious meal it was finally time to put on our dancing shoes. Choosing the right contradance partner was by far the most difficult task of the day! My advice is to choose someone who is fun and likes to pay attention, it’s easy to get tangled up. After lots of stumbling feet and uncontrollable laughing we headed back to our camping spot and ended the long day with even more great conversation around a bonfire. The following day included more talks from the higher professionals and we ended the day with a BBQ at mirror lake to make it all worth it. The week of the Hubbard Brook conference was a long one but at the end we left as more educated individuals and gained insight into the many different kinds of projects that are being conducted nearby! A special thanks to all the people who helped organize the conference and to everyone who took the time to present their projects!


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