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2014 Shoestring Crew Summer Awards
August 14, 2014, 12:24 am
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 By: Adam Wild – Crew Leader

      As the summer came to an end for the Shoestring crew it was my responsibility and honor as crew leader to hand out the 2014 Shoestring crew awards. The awards this year were chosen by a panel of experts well known for choosing slightly ridiculous awards. Panelist had tough decisions to make as there were many outstanding participants competing for each category. The awards were presented at the first annual Shoestring Ball held at the White House (of course). Black tie attire was required for the grand event. Those in attendance came dressed in their finest evening gowns and could be seen walking down the blue linoleum tile in the laundry room as they entered the grand ball room of the White House which was decorated with 1960’s wood paneling. Ladies in attendance came dressed in elegant gowns made of garbage bags, twister mats, or bath towels. The men were seen in oak leaf ties, bow-ties, and even a bolo-tie made from tree flagging and a beer cap.  There was also a surprise appearance by Gunny, Lisa’s not-so-excited dog who slept through the awards ceremony.


Shoestring Scientific Achievement Awards 2014:

For being the best one pan chef: Justin T. Turlip – Justin has a cook book called “Two Dudes, One Pan”

For being the most midwesterner – Hannah Babel – Ways of the northeast were very unique for Hannah’s midwestern roots 

For being technical supports best friend: Jerome C. Barner – Jerome spent countless hours talking with LI-COR technical support

As the best finger piercer: Sophie L. Harrison – Sophie managed to put a sapflow sensor through one finger and into another finger on the opposite hand- and showed no pain  

For being the best boat-in-a-bottle builder: Stephanie Suttenberg – Inspired by a large jug of wine Stephanie spent her off hours whittling a boat from a native Bartlett tree to build a boat in a bottle – she will finish it and send a picture to us all  

Listening to the most jazz music: Raymond Lee – Ray loved listening to smooth jazz as he worked on the SAStop in the White House 

For packing the best bear lunch:  Dominic Forlini – Dom had his lunch stolen from a bear (see earlier post)

For being patient zero: Eli Egan-Anderson – Eli was the first to get the plague (a 24 hour stomach bug) which quickly spread through the rest of the camp and wiped out all but a couple tough field crew members  

For being the soil pH queen: Lisa Carper – Lisa, our local high school student, tirelessly measured soil pH of soil samples from our Ca addition plots and was our youngest member to ever present at the Hubbard Brook meeting     

The crew with their awards after the ceremony

The crew with their awards after the ceremony

Thanks to all  who participated in the award ceremony and a huge thanks to everyone on the Shoestring crew this summer. They did a great job and had a lot of fun along the way. It was sad to leave at the end of the summer. 

~Their Glorious Leader




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