Summer on a Shoestring

Summer Memories
August 13, 2014, 5:07 pm
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By: Eli Egan-Anderson – REU, Cornell 

         It’s the last day of the field season (at least for us REUs) and I’m sitting in the white house dining room watching Adam pack up his bags for (probably) the last time he’ll be living and working here, so it’s pretty easy to be nostalgic about what had to be one of the greatest summers of my life. It’s funny what reminds you of something fun, in fact as I was shoving shelves on shelves of leaf litter into bags I was already reminiscing about collecting from the stands and the sad feeling that I won’t ever go eat lunch on the big rock in C8 or visit the spot where I chased a bear away from Dom’s lunch (though I was too late) in C7. Admittedly I won’t miss it all: the hike to C3 with 50 lbs of fertilizer in a frame backpack or the horrifying sounds of my cars axle complaining about the drive over to Jeffers brook, but the days without great memories are few and far between.

Paradise Swimming Hole

Paradise Swimming Hole

                That being said what I’ll remember most about the summer is not the great field work opportunities (how many people get to shoot branches off trees with a shotgun….for science?) or even the wise life lessons we heard every day from Our Glorious Leader (“Who needs coffee when we have each other!?”) but it’s the people who made up this amazing crew who make the summer unforgettable. Our permanent allstar REU lineup included Justin Turlip (aka J Baby, twopan, our glorious chef) the soil moisture guy who at one point was under the impression he could actually get me in shape if he could only get us to run more (I showed him!); Sophie Harrison (more often Soapy or the big ole sausage) the sappy sap flow leader who managed to not only make a million sensors, but also stick one through her finger; Stephanie Suttenberg (exclusively called  Stephy-baby) who knew more about snails than anyone despite hardly ever actually seeing them; Hannah Babel (herbal) who could be convinced of anything, including but not limited to Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose and/or a velociraptor; and Dom Forlini who I’m still fairly convinced is actually an Italian chef masquerading as an REU student. We can’t forget the older folk (Bearome, Dawny, and Ray Ray), BU Crew (Danny Boy, Riot, Princess and Troll), the other residents of the compound (Bird God, Bird Scout, Small Mammals, Michelle, Joe and the rest), the Ohio crew (Ginny, Shan, Mike, Chelsea, and Owen), the local teachers who managed to make middle school somehow seem appealing (Sean and Rick), the occasional volunteers (Lisa, Griffin, Abbey, and Nora) and last but not least Our Glorious Leader who taught us everything we know and love about New Hampshire and the White Mountains.


                With a crew like this it’s impossible for anything not to be a great time. Everything we’ve done has been great, from the big things from our near death climb of Huntington’s, floating the Saco in a tube through ‘class 5’ rapids, playing stump on the Fourth of July, hitting up the clubs, countless trips to Bart’s for sandwiches and Cabin Fever for pie, to even the little things like every day work and jumping off the rocks in Paradise were some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Thanks to the shoecrew for the memories and the best summer I’ve ever had!

Jerome Really Enjoying a Hike

Jerome Really Enjoying a Hike

~ Eli 


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