Summer on a Shoestring

Club 550, and a little Bartlett fashion
July 23, 2014, 6:11 am
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By: Sophie Harrison, University of Michigan

Last week was a special one for the Shoestring Crew. Monday marked the start of the Bartlett stomach bug outbreak (Eli was the first victim and Hannah and I soon followed), and we had back-to-back birthdays to celebrate! Justin turned 22 on Wednesday, and Eli the big 2-1 on Thursday. By the time Friday rolled around, the birthday boy/patient zero and I had recovered enough to enjoy a night on the town. Naturally, we decided to get out to the famed Club 550 in North Conway.

“The White Mountain’s own Party Spot!”

“It’s an experience.”

-Sean the middle school teacher

“Not a lot of teeth.”

-Adam Wild

Our party posse was Adam, Jerome, Justin, Eli, his girlfriend Lauren, and I. We put on our best flannels (just kidding, kind of) and headed out. Hannah was super kind and drove us there. Club 550 is right off route 16, nestled in the corner of a strip mall next to a Chinese restaurant.

The excitement was palpable! The birthday boys got in free and we were greeted by some outrageous black lights. The place was not hopping, but the night was young!

(Apologies for snapchat photos)

(apologies for snapchat photos)

There was an empty checkerboard dance floor, brought to life by the black light glow. Aw yea. The age demographic was decidedly older than us. Most people looked to be in their thirties or so. Not the most refined folk.  I don’t know. Who knows. We got drinks and played ping pong until it was time to boogie.

image (4)

(There was also this spot with some nice lookin’ leather couches where Justin made a friend)

(There was also this spot with some nice lookin’ leather couches where Justin made a friend)

Dancing. What can I say! We danced the night away! Even our glorious leader shook it!  By then a decent amount of people were on the dance floor… a creeper on the prowl, couples, a bachelorette party, and one dude with a killer beard who had all the moves. As much as we love to science, it was nice to put it aside for a bit and just dance.  And when things were winding down, the DJ granted Justin & Eli’s wish (plea) for Akon with the final song.

It was a fun time, and definitely an experience. Thanks Club 550! We will return.

And now for a little Bartlett fashion…

Michael, Justin, Eli and I are the proud owners of hand-knit bear and moose sweaters from Bart’s general store. They are well-made, comfy, warm, and they scream White Mountains New Hampshire.

image (7)

image (6)

I haven’t earned my moose sweater though, because I haven’t seen a moose here. Interestingly, I’ve been having bear-themed dreams so I’m wondering if I might have chosen the wrong sweater animal. Here’s hoping for a moose spotting before we leave!

image (9)


…I don’t want to leave!


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