Summer on a Shoestring

2013 Summer Budgets in Shoestring Project
August 8, 2013, 6:43 pm
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By Tony Dong

It is not easy to manage the budget. Craig said this is the worst job in this world. In the past, Kikang used to be the person who took charge of the living expenses of the shoestring crew. This year, Tony took the job from Kikang because he thought if this was the worst job in the world, then all the other jobs he is going to do in the future must be better ones.

This summer, we still charge each person $6 dollars per day. Usually, people who own cars could go to North Conway and buy the food (Fig. 1) for crews. There are several large food stores in the town (i.e. Hannaford, Walmart, Grant’s). Also, we could also do the grocery shopping at Price Chopper in Lincoln if we get a chance to do some field work in Hubbard Brook or Jeffers Brook.  Later, all the receipts (Fig.2) were handed to Tony for organizing budget sheet. This year, we are doing a good job. Though the summer is closing in the corner, we still have some leftover money! Maybe we can buy ice cream (Fig. 3) or beer (Fig.4) in the end!

Grocery Star: Eric     Record:  $203.14 at one time in PriceChopper

Fig. 1


Fig. 2


Fig. 3Image

Fig. 4Image


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