Summer on a Shoestring

2011 MELNHE Awards!
December 29, 2011, 2:56 am
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Quality Award, for teaching us the value of advance preparation, care in execution, and quality control:  Shinjini

Team Spirit Award, for maintaining a positive attitude towards the project, regardless of the task at hand, and leading by example during long hours of root sorting and plot fertilizing:  Amos

Iron Woman (金刚女) Award, for perseverance in the field while carrying a large robotic back pack:  Kikang

Zen Award, for always being relaxed, in a good mood, and keeping spirits high during the long days of tree inventory:  Russell

Future Ecologist Award, to the person most excited about reading scientific papers, even at the expense of time spent around the campfire:  Lin

Perpetual Responsibility Award, for organizing the daily deployment of people and equipment, knowing who needed to be where and when, and grabbing the fire extinguisher in advance of the flame throwing event:  Craig

Entertainment Award, for juggling with fire in the dark:  Franklin

Musicality Award, for fiddling around the campfire:  Christy

Best Worker Award, for strength and endurance in the field, attention to detail in the lab, and organizing a freezer full of roots: Neal

Omniscience Award, for knowing everything about our sites, the history of the project, the relevant ecology and natural history, and for helping everyone with their projects:  Matt

Guiding Light Award, for long-term commitment to the project, attention to the social and psychological dimensions of life in the field crew, and matching everyone to a project and every project to a person: Corrie

Future Forester Award, for having a true love of working in the woods and for being environmentally conscious in the kitchen as well as in the field:  Kelly

Best Short-term Service Award, for helping out for free before going to her paid job in California and for proficiency in the field and in the kitchen:  Becka

Housemother Award, for the thankless task of managing the food budget and reimbursement system: Kikang

Most Versatile Chef, for causing us the skip lunch in anticipation of dinner:  Craig

Best Indian Cuisine, for alu masala, samosas, and Indian curry: Shinjini

Best Korean Cuisine, for Gaeran Mari  (rolled omelette), Korokke (Japanese croquettes), and Korean curry: Kikang

Best Chinese Cuisine, for fried rice:  Lin

Spiciest Cuisine, for pepper soup: Franklin

Fattest Dog Award, for cleaning up kitchen scraps and constantly keeping an eye out for any nutritional opportunity: Yukon


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Awww, that’s sweet 🙂 thanks!

Comment by Russell Auwae


Comment by Russell Auwae

x) I miss everyone!

Comment by Lim Zhen Yu

This is Amos!

Comment by Zhen Yu "Amos" Lim

I miss everyone!


Comment by Zhen Yu "Amos" Lim

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