Summer on a Shoestring

August 1, 2011, 1:05 am
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MELNHE Project

Common Sense Level

1)      How many stands does the MELNHE project has?

a)      9

b)      10

c)       11

d)      13

2)      What is the fertilizer that MELNHE project did not use?

a)      NH4NO3, Ammonium Nitrate

b)      (NH2)2CO, Urea

c)       NH3, Ammonia

d)      NaH2PO4, Monosodium phosphate

3)      The fertilize plots in the Bartlett Experimental Forest has a ____interior plots 

a)      3×3

b)      4×4

c)      2×2

Advance Level

4)      Which stand does not have litter basket?

a)       C1 and C9

b)       C3 and C5

c)        C3 and C4

d)       C6 and C7

5)      What is the total amount of nitrogen (N) plots in MELNHE?

a)       9

b)       11

c)        13

d)       15

6)      How many Melany’s sub-plots existed in MELNHE project summer, 2011?

a)       45

b)       50

c)        51

d)       52

7)      How many Young, Mid, and Old stands does MELNHE project has each?

a)       5, 5, 7

b)       3, 3, 5

c)        5,5, 3

d)       3,5, 5

8)      Which watershed number does Hubbard Brook belongs to?

a)       Watershed 101

b)       Watershed 201

c)        Watershed103

d)       Watershed 203

9)      What is a minirhizotron?

a)       A small rhizotron

b)       A huge high tech machine that measure the air flow in the microenvironment of the tree roots

c)        Evil little robot the size of your thumb

d)       A camera designed to photograph underground root growth

10)   How many stands have HOBO?

a)       1

b)       2

c)        3

d)       4


What is the image above?

a)       Dust pan

b)       Piece of plastic from the copy machine

c)        Root pan

Crew Understanding Level

12)   Read the following statement and pick the correct answer.

“Amos did 10 bags of root picking in one morning.”

a)      He is awesome

b)      This is a lie.

13)  What does Craig do at night?

a)       Fight crime

b)       Weighing litter

c)        Sobly crying in the bathroom

14)  What is Russell stabbing in the woods?

a)       Bear

b)       Moose

c)        Sugar Maple Tree

d)       Organic layer in the soil

15)  What do Shinjini and Russell need after Resin strip preparation?

a)       A video camera

b)       E-mail Melany

c)        Sleep

d)       Sharpen the knife

16)  If you found a lost rope on the ground, you might want to give it to

a)       Lin

b)       Shinjini

c)        Russell

d)       Amos

17)  If the white house caught fire, who will be missed?

a)       Lin

b)       Franklin

c)        Russell

d)       Amos

Fill in the appropriate answer in the blank Section

A KiKang Bae      B Shinjini Goswani    C Lin Liu    D Amos Lim Zhen Yu     E Craig See   F Russell Auwae

Oh shit! There is a bear ____

太给力了,熊都来了!  ____

Benarni?! Beruang?!      ____

Aloha Bear!                    ____

앗, 곰이다!                     ____

The Ultimate Kick-Ass Level

Amos needs to go to C1 to bury popsicle sticks; Christy is helping Amos burying the sticks in C2; Craig is doing stand maintenance in C5; Ki Kang can go any stands to do soil respiration measurements; Russell wants a ride to C6 to bury the resin strips; Corrie can go to either C3, C7 or C9 to collect litter. Only Ki Kang, Craig and Corrie can drive and they each has a car. What is the most efficient combination of people to work in the field today?

a)     Amos and Craig; Christy and Ki Kang; Russell and Corrie.

b)    Amos and Ki Kang; Russell and Craig; Christy and Corrie.

c)     Amos and Ki Kang; Russell and Christy; Craig and Corrie.

d)    Amos and Craig; Russell and Ki Kang; Christy and Corrie.

Bonus Question

How to you get 4 gallons of water with a 3 gallon container and a 5 gallon container?



1. D

2. C

3. A

4. B

5. C

6. D

7. D

8. A

9. D

10. C

11. C

12. B

13. B

14. D

15. C

16. A

17. B



Ultimate Planning



Amos Lim, Craig See, Neal Smeltzher, Lin Liu, Christy Tanner, KiKang Bae, Shinjini Goswani, Russell Auwae


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