Summer on a Shoestring

A Rainy Start – by Lin Liu
May 27, 2011, 12:57 pm
Filed under: Fertilization, Tree Heights

After 10 hours of driving, Craig, Becka, Lin, Kelly, Alexis arrived at White House with half ton of fertilizer.

The first day, we all met Corrie who is the leader of the field work, at our lab. After we got a sense of what would be going on in 2 weeks, we started our first project—tree inventory. The first thing was learn to measure tree height with hypsometer. We firstly measured Lin’s height to ensure the precision of the hypsometer. It worked well! Each of us measured trees around the lab for practice. After that, We headed to Jeffers Brook , where is roughly 2-hour drive away from Bartlett. Lin was looking at how trees grow along the road; Alexis was doing cross stitch; Kelly was reading forestry magazine and Corrie was driving fast. It was almost 11:00 when we arrived at Jeffers Brook. Things went well except for the rain. We finished work around 4:30. We were all excited about the lovely orange amphibian.

The second day, we did tree inventory at Bartlett Experimental Forest. It was badly raining. The first site was C1. C1 is a young stand and trees are small. It was hard to tell direction and find way to the other plot in C1, let alone in the rainy day. The second site was C3. We discussed how to get to the site all the way to C3. We found moose tracks and got excited about it. We passed through wet land and feet got all wet. Finally, we found our land and we made pink flagging mark all the way back! Wait, before we forgot it, we wrote down the notes!

Check this out for how hypsometers work

Match the hypsometer with the receiver. Hold the hypsometer and view through it. You can see a red cross and hold ON until it disappears. And then look up to the highest point of the tree, hold ON until the red cross disappears. Then you get the tree height. Repeat it for 3 times.

Kelly measuring tree heights

It was still raining in the following 2 days and we started to weigh out fertilizers in lab. The picture will tell you how many fertilizers we weighed.


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