Summer on a Shoestring

Happy Summer Solstice! June 21 through June 25
June 28, 2010, 6:42 pm
Filed under: Litter Sorting, Trenching

On the summer solstice Kikang measured soil respiration pre-trenching in the trenching locations. What a way to celebrate summer!

Early in the week conference calls were had,

The crew listened to some tunes and sorted litter in the lab.

We trenched in C6, and there was lots of chatter,

about the depth of soil samples and abundant organic matter.

We trenched in C7, through the rain and finished trenches, thrice.

We made Southeast Asian style mac and cheese, but with no mac just rice!

The week ended sad and sort of abrupt.

Both South Korea and the USA lost in the World Cup.

Check out the Bartlett webcam and see how we are faring in the rain!

Here are some more trenching pics.


Trenches Dug: 24 Left to Dig: 4

Minirhizotrons Installed: 100 Left to Install: 40

Stands Inventoried for Seedlings/Herbs: 9 Stands Left: 1

2009 Basket Litter Sorted: 47 Left to Sort: 153

Soil pits dug: 0 Left to Dig: 6

Isopod catch count: 0


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