Summer on a Shoestring

The Field Season Begins!
June 14, 2010, 2:51 am
Filed under: Cooking in the white house, Seedling/Herb Inventory, Trenching

Hello from Bartlett to our PIs and other interested folks out there on the internet machine! This is the field coordinator, Corrie, signing on for our first entry of our summer’s online journal of experiences in the field at the Bartlett Experimental Forest (BEF) and shared time in the white house!

The field work has gotten off to a great start! Last week began at our two Jeffers Brook stands, where Dr. Tim Fahey (out of Cornell) joined our crew of expert diggers, Gavin, Cole, and Kikang to dig 50 cm deep trenches around spots for soil respiration collars. The crew has mastered the art of using the amazing Pulaski Axe, a tool developed by a former USFS employee named (surprise surprise) Ed Pulaski, to construct firebreaks out in Idaho. We have found the Pulaski to most certainly be the right tool for the job of trenching for soil respiration collars and attribute some of our early success at trenching to this fantastic tool!

Last week we also had the privilege of being visited by RIT Prof. Elizabeth Hane. She proved herself to be a tried and true field ecologist – spending hours teaching us to identify seedlings and herbs in the pouring rain! We surveyed a few of our stands during her short but very helpful stay, and now we are now among the proud few that can distinguish between Sugar Maple, Striped Maple and Red Maple germinates!

This week we fall into full swing of seedling/herb inventories starting at our favorite and youngest stand C1. Kikang and Gavin will be working the 3rd shift measuring soil respiration (day and) night, and Ben will start sampling in Watershed 101 at Hubbard Brook!

Pictures are soon to be uploaded, along with dinner menus/recipes and maybe even some video… So far we have already set the bar high while cooking in the white house, with Kikang and JiYoung’s homemade sweet potato tempura, and Ben’s Grandma’s recipe for Spätzle.

Notes from some of the crew members to come as well.


Trenches Dug: 9 Left to Dig: 9

Minirhizotrons Installed: 100 Left to Install: 40

Stands Inventoried for Seedlings/Herbs: 2 Stands Left: 5

2009 Basket Litter Sorted: 4 Left to Sort: 196!

Soil pits dug: 0 Left to Dig: 6

Nights spent measuring soil respiration: 0

Isopod catch count: 0


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